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What is a Facebook pixel?

The Facebook pixel is a piece of code placed on your website and lets us measure, optimize, and build audiences for your campaign. When a user visits your website and takes action (ex. Making a purchase, submitting a form), the pixel is triggered and reports the action. This allows us to track when a customer completed an action after seeing your Facebook ad. This gives us the ability to reach this customer again by using a custom audience or create a lookalike audience based on users who have already converted.

Do you monitor comments on my Facebook ads?

We don’t monitor comments left on your ads. As a business, you will receive notifications from Facebook or Instagram every time a reaction, comment, or share is left on an ad.

Will I be able to see my campaign within my own Ads Manager?

We run all of our campaigns out of our own ads manager as it simplifies our billing process. It also allows us to ensure control of all aspects of the campaign.

Do you provide stock images?

We can absolutely provide stock images if requested and required. However, we recommend that you provide professional images of your business to ensure an authentic and engaging Facebook or Instagram campaign. If you require a professional photography service, please see our packages or request a quote from your Account Manager.  

If I'm already using a Facebook Pixel, are you able to continue using this?

Yes, although we will request access to it to help run the campaign more effectively so that you will be able to see the best possible results from the Facebook ad.

If we run a contest ad, will you aid in picking a winner?

No, we will not. We can run an ad to help promote your business's contest but will not pick a winner once the contest finished. It will be your responsibility to follow the stipulations that are in place for the contest.

What are the limitations on FB Ads?

Facebook changes its policies very often.  We highly recommend you to take a look at Facebook’s advertising policy for more detailed information: https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/

How am I billed for these campaigns?

Your first month of service will be charged upon activation. The consecutive monthly charges will be done on the same date in the corresponding month. Notice that the plans don’t include ad spend. 

What does the timeline look like from order submission to campaign launch?

You will receive a confirmation email within 2 business days after the order form is submitted. A formal onboarding call is not always necessary. However, the Digital Ads team may contact you during the fulfillment process to gather more information if needed. The campaign itself will be launched within 10 days after all the required assets (i.e., copy, logos, etc.) are received by our team. Please note: An email will be sent one or two days before the campaign is set to launch containing screenshots of the ads created by our team. If you have any feedback, this is the best time to share it. Once that is done, we are ready to go!

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